The Process of Designing and Installing Wrought Iron Gates: What to Expect

The front gate of your home serves a few different purposes. At the top of the list is to secure your property as a deterrent to people trespassing. Other purposes include keeping your pets and young children inside the yard, marking an entrance to your property, and serving as an attractive bit of art outside your home. If you’ve ever wondered if you should get a wrought iron gate, consider what goes into the process of designing and installing it. 

Designing Wrought Iron Gates

If you’d like to play an active role in choosing the design of your wrought iron gate, there are a few things you should know. Count on A&J Gate Operator for all your design needs.

Popular Design Elements 

Several design elements have become fairly popular. You might want to have one or more of these on your own driveway or yard gate. 

  • Post Caps: Will your gate post be taller than four feet? If yes, then it’s a good idea to add a postcap to avoid having a gate that looks incomplete. They are also great for deflecting water and preventing damage to your gate. There are various styles, including Victorian and pineapple-shaped. A light on the postcap is ideal, especially if you’ll use it at night. 
  • Balusters: The vertical bars on an iron gate are known as balusters. You’ll see four horizontal bars across each of the four feet at the top of your gate with most standard gates. You might make the design a bit more unique by getting balusters of different sizes or shapes or hiding them behind climbing vines to give everything a seamless appearance. 
  • Floral: Floral designs give your gate a more rustic appearance. You don’t have to go super intricate with this type of design. You can choose simple iron flowers or custom carvings that make it look as though leaves and vines are climbing on your gate. Though they are made out of durable iron, this gives your gate a more delicate look. 
  • Arches: Many iron gates come with a traditional arch since this is one of the most common iron gate choices. The arch will often be wide enough for you to drive a vehicle through it. It has great functionality, and it makes your property look grand. 
  • Scroll: You’ve likely seen scrolls on gates and fences. This metal seems to flow and swirl, and it’s one of those options that works with nearly any exterior style. You’ll have a touch of class for your driveway with this elegant addition. 

Installation of a Wrought Iron Gate 

First of all, there is some planning you’ll need to do. You can do this part yourself or with assistance from a professional if you don’t have the experience. 

You’ll need to measure the area where you want your gate to be installed. Then, make sure that you get the necessary permits. Prepare the site by marking the gate posts, digging the holes for the posts, and adding gravel to provide a stable base and improve drainage. 

A professional may come in and they will put in the posts first, then pour concrete in the holes around the posts. Next, they’ll attach the hinges and hang the gate, then attach the locks and latches and ensure that they all work properly. 

If the gate hasn’t been pre-treated, a finish of sealant or rust-proof paint should go on it. Make sure that you or the installation expert tests the gate a few times and makes any adjustments to the hinges or latches. It’s not necessary, but you might do some landscaping around the area of the gate, such as putting in a bush (or a few), flowers, or whatever else is a good choice for your property. 

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Make Design and Installation of Wrought Iron Gates Easier 

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