Automatic Gate Systems Maintenance Tips: The Only Guide You Need!

Gates are one of the most critical aspects of the security system. Therefore, we need to keep them regularly maintained. This is important because we invest a significant amount of money in the installation of the automated gates. The timely maintenance and service of the gates can do wonders to protect your family from intruders and thieves while ensuring elegance and convenience.

However, there are few things you can try to maintain your automatic gates for a longer period, such as:

1. Performing Regular Visual Inspection

Though we often see our gates while entering and exiting from them, visual inspections are more comprehensive and need a few tips to be followed.

  • Make sure you check that each component of the gate is working correctly. You can check the gate opener, metal racks, chain-belt, dents in the panels, wiring, rollers, and bearings.
  • Check whether or not all screws and bolts of the gates are correctly fitted. If they are not, make sure you call a commercial gate operator repair service, as fixing them on your own can cause further damage.
  • Lastly, make sure that the pivot points, bearings, and brushes are in good condition.

2. Keep your Gate Clean

Regular cleaning of the gate keeps them protected from the rust and eventually helps them last longer. If you are not able to remove rust using household products, you can wipe it off using sandpaper. Moreover, waxing them after a particular interval also maintains their design and functionality.

3. Check the Electronic Components

The proper maintenance and care of the electronic components are also essential. It is important to check all the major components of the gates, such as the auto-reverse function. You can check it by putting a piece of timber in the center of where the gate closes.

If the gate is working correctly, it will recognize the barrier and reverse when it hits it. If the auto-reverse function of the gate is not working correctly, it’s always best to contact a commercial gate operator repair service. 

4. Get Professional Help!

While the above tips can help maintain your automatic gates, sometimes you can’t fix the problems on your own. Suppose you are facing some severe issues with your wrought Iron gate or automatic gate. In that case, you can trust the professional wrought iron gate repair services of A&J Gate Operator to avoid further damage and repairs.

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