Electric Gate Services in Fulshear, TX

Are you experiencing problems with your electric gate? Maybe your gate was just recently installed, but you’re having useability issues. Automatic electric gates are complex integrated systems with receivers, control boxes/panels, power cables, motors, sensors, intercoms, remotes, and power supplies. For a gate to function properly, all the mechanical parts and electrical systems must work in unison. When these situations arise, Fulshear, TX homeowners and businesses trust A&J Gate Operator for urgent electric gate servicing and repairs.

A&J Gate Operator has been installing, repairing, troubleshooting, and maintaining residential and commercial gates for Fulshear, TX customers for 14 years. There’s almost nothing our experienced and seasoned technicians and installation team haven’t encountered. As a certified electric gate installation, repair, and maintenance company, we bring 14 years of hands-on experience resolving all kinds of gate-related problems.

We can quickly diagnose the problem and provide much-needed automatic gate repair in Richmond, TX and Fulshear. We understand that malfunctioning equipment can happen at any time, which is why our service teams are always on call.


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Automatic Gate Installation & Upgrades

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At A&J Gate Operator, our technicians and installation teams have installed countless residential and commercial gates while performing numerous important upgrades. Whether it’s installing a single swing gate, a sliding gate, a double gate, a wrought iron gate, or a wood gate, our technicians have a deep understanding and expertise in all aspects of gate installation.

For our Fulshear, TX customers, our gate installation services include a meticulous selection of high-grade materials such:

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Wrought iron. 

Our company has also aligned itself with some of the best electric gate system manufacturers in the United States. This means we can install incredible gate systems provided by Apollo Gate Openers, LiftMaster, DKS Doorking, and Eagle Process Control Systems.

Upgrades can include repairing or replacing:

  • Power supplies and motors
  • Magnetic locks
  • 360-degree camera system
  • New sensors
  • Motion-detecting light systems
  • Control panels, 
  • Stop plates
  • Remote, code, and proximity censoring systems


We Provide Prompt Diagnosis & Repair of Electric Gate Issues

Our electric gate repair in Katy, TX services include performing instant diagnostics and repairs on backup battery systems, transformers, power supplies, and control panel wiring while also checking hinges, fasteners, and welded joints on wrought iron gates. Depending upon the gate system you have, a backup battery system may be included if your gate system isn’t connected to your electrical grid or doesn’t have its own power supply. In these instances, we will often check the backup battery system to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Another essential part of our diagnostic and repair services is to ensure the motor is working so that communication between your gate’s control panel and the motor is functioning properly. Given that the control panel is responsible for initiating the opening and closing of your gate, validating that the motor is working properly ensures seamless operation.

Sensor misalignment on motion-activated electric gate systems is also checked, as is checking the battery and voltage with either a DC voltage meter or multimeter. As for structural repairs, they can include fixing a damaged or bent welded part of a wrought iron gate or something as simple as ensuring hinges and fasteners are properly lubricated.


Our father and son duo is open for services from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm, 7 days a week; we are also available 24/7 in the case of any emergencies that may occur, for an additional service charge. Call today to set up your convenient, fast, and reliable appointment today!

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24hr Emergency Service

Available Monday – Friday, our truck is fully stocked for around the clock and 24-hour emergency services. Whether your automatic gate system is closing too quickly, stuck or the keypad won’t work, allow us to help.

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Gate Wiring Issues

If your swing gate opener or electric gate system has wiring issues, you may require up to 4 hours of work. Each of our well-qualified technicians will provide you with fast and honest solutions.

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Commercial Installation

Available Monday – Friday, our truck is fully stocked for around the clock and 24-hour emergency services. Whether your automatic gate system is closing too quickly, stuck or the keypad won’t work, allow us to help.

Gate Opener Repair

Residential Gate Opener Repair – Installs

Available Monday – Friday, our truck is fully stocked for around the clock and 24-hour emergency services. Whether your automatic gate system is closing too quickly, stuck or the keypad won’t work, allow us to help.

How To Extend the Lifespan of Your Driveway Gate

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Properly maintaining your electric gate will help to reduce repair costs while ensuring a long lifespan. First, always ensure that hinges, your track, and fasteners are properly lubricated and that you regularly clean your electric gate to remove dirt, dust, debris, and grime from building up on sensors. Not only will proper lubrication extend the life of your track and hinges, but it also goes a long way to reducing the likelihood of corrosion causing horrible screeching sounds when your gate opens and closes.

Second, schedule a yearly maintenance inspection with A&J Gate Operator. Our technicians and installation experts will perform a maintenance and service inspection to ensure everything from your gate’s motor, control panel, power supply, and sensors are working properly. Our preventative maintenance checks ensure we capture any potential issues long before they become more serious and require expensive repair.

Third, if your gate doesn’t have a motion sensor, then A&J Gate Operator can install one. This ensures your gate never unintentionally closes on something it shouldn’t. Finally, remember that minimizing wear and tear goes a long way to extending the life of your gate, so don’t allow individuals to lean up against the gate or overuse it.

If you’ve recently been experiencing issues with your Fulshear, TX residential or commercial gate, or want us to include a new motion sensor or perform maintenance, contact us now.

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