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Electric Gate Repairs in Pasadena, Texas

Expect nothing but the best in quality gate opener repair and installation in and around Pasadena, Texas from A&J Gate Operators.

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We Offer Electric Gate Repairs and Install Many of the Top Brand Automatic Gate Openers

At A&J Gate Operators, we pride ourselves on our partnerships. Our gate operator professionals are certified to repair or install all the industry’s top Automatic Gate brands. We also carry the top names in gate operation such as; Liftmaster™, Viking™, Apollo™ and Elite Systems™. We understand there are many environmental factors in Pasadena, TX that may cause your automatic gate to become problematic, which is why we offer our customers 24/7 emergency services for an additional charge. We strive to continually provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

If high quality residential or commercial property security and protections is what your looking for, look no further than A&J Gate Operators. We have been providing the best in residential Driveway Gate Repair and commercial Automatic Open Security Gates for more than 14 years. Servicing in and around the greater Houston area, our father and son team has the experience and Gate Opener Repair expertise your company or home needs. Contact A&J Gate Operators and let us begin the process or securing your property with the our first rate perimeter fencing and electric gate opener installation or repair.

Licensed and insured to perform all types of Automatic Gate Repairs & installations, our technicians are courteous and pride themselves on workmanship and reliable on-time service. We quietly and discreetly install or repair whatever type of automatic or motorized fencing system you desire and just as quietly clean up and leave after a job well done. This is what we expect of our team. We prefer to let our results speak for themselves.

As a leading automatic gate opener company, we provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. We carry the top name brands when it comes to all of your electric gate opener needs; including brands such as Liftmaster™, Viking™, Apollo™ and Elite Systems™. We understand there are many environmental factors in Pasadena, TX that may cause your automatic gate to become problematic, which is why we offer our customers 24/7 emergencies service for an additional charge.

Family owned and operated, we understand the importance of a safe and secure home, the installation of a beautiful single or bi-parting gate is a great addition to any home. Not only does a gate provide security to residential properties, but increases property value and curb appeal.

Our father and son team are happy to provide you with maintenance on a continual bases. Our program options are either monthly, quarterly, annually or biannually. Regular maintenance prevents entire system replacements and helps your automatic gate system perform properly. Call today to set up your appointment with A&J Gate Operator to install your new electric gate opener or service your already existing system in Pasadena, TX. We ensure every client our honest and hardworking ethic; contact A&J Gate Operators with all of your automatic gate systems.

wrought iron fence pasadena txSolar Gate Installation & Repairs in Pasadena, Texas

There are many sites where a gate may be needed, but it is too expensive to run power to or the logistics of the area may make it too difficult. If this is the case, consider a solar gate from A & J Gate Operators.

Solar gates run completely on solar power, which is a great option in a sunny climate like Pasadena, TX! They generate sustainable solar electricity using a small solar panel installed on the gate, or within 50 meters of it. The panel connects to the control box of the gate via cabling. Solar gates come in all styles, including wrought iron. After your installation, we are always available to return for any solar gate repair you might need.

When something goes wrong with your gate, fence, or automatic gate openers in Houston, TX, we are your trusted team for repairs! At A & J Gate Operators, we specialize in the wrought iron fence repair, service, and installation for your Pasadena, TX home or business. Our company is also skilled at wrought iron gate repair and many other various types of fence repair.

Need to Repair Your Wrought Iron Fence or Gate?

Revitalizing the like-new functionality and aesthetic of your wrought iron gate is our specialty! Our gate-saving services include support for all damage types, ranging from minor corrosion to serious gate deformation after an accident. With renewed structural integrity and a stunning finish, count on our expertise at A&J Gate Operators to restore your property’s welcoming facade!

Our wrought iron gate repairs in Pearland, TX and Pasadena begin with extensive material knowledge and years of gate-improvement excellence. Our meticulous wrought iron fence repair experts can revitalize:

  • Unsightly corrosion and surface blemishes with weather-resistant refinishing
  • Rails, posts, and decorative elements with precision welding and reshaping services
  • The peak performance of your gate operating mechanisms; our professionals have extensive experience maintaining and optimizing all gate systems

Our family’s gate specialists never backs down from a repair, restoration, or gate replacement project. All informative gate repair services include transparent estimates, factual project explanations, and friendly support for gate issues fixed correctly the first time!

Tips To Maintain Your Wrought Iron Fence & Gate

If you want to reduce the risk of rust or other damage on your iron fence and gate, a good strategy would be to wax them or use a water-repellent. This is good for areas that are predominantly rainy or humid, as these settings can make your iron fence and gate be more prone to rusting.

One of the most important things to do when maintaining your wrought iron fence and wrought iron gate is to keep them clean. This is not only good for the aesthetic value of your fence and gate, but it also helps keep them lasting as long as possible. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time or use dangerous chemicals to clean them, either. You can clean it with liberal, gentle application of warm water mixed with dish detergent. Do this twice a month (or more if necessary) to eliminate dirt and rust! 

In general, you should keep an eye out for any issues. In doing so, you’re more likely to find small problems before they turn into big problems that need repair. One thing to keep an eye out is any overgrowth, such as vines, as this can cause damage to your wrought iron gate that will need repair in Pasadena, TX.

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