Common Automatic Gate Systems Issues and Ways to Fix Them

Automatic gate systems have drastically transformed the security arrangements in residential and commercial areas. They provide more convenience and safety to the owners. It means you don’t need to get out of the car every time you enter or exit your property. Instead, you can simply open the gate with the help of a remote or by swiping a card. However, just like most technical devices, automatic gates are not immune to problems. Automatic gate systems may face some common problems that need to be dealt with quickly; otherwise, you have to replace the entire gate.

Here are some common automatic gate systems problems and the ways to fix them.

Strange Noises

Sometimes automatic gate systems can create an excessive amount of weird noises. Unfortunately, most owners remain clueless about the noise when they hear them for the first time. When an automatic gate system creates cracking noise, it indicates that the mechanism that opens the gates together or individually has been worn out. This can be fixed either by taking out the mechanism or installing a new segment. If the problem still persists, it’s better to contact a professional gate repair company.

Bugs and Vermin Attack

Automatic gates are usually operated with the help of sensors. However, if the sensors experience any issues, it can hinder the complete functionality of the gate system. Often, bugs and vermin can enter inside the equipment of the automatic gate system and create havoc. Therefore, make sure that the control boxes and safety photocells are safe from dust and small animals. Besides, mold and moss can also hamper the operation of the gate system, so regularly clean these areas with a dry cloth.

Power Blackout

Automatic gate systems require a continuous supply of electricity to work uninterruptedly. Therefore, power cuts and blackouts may prevent the functioning of the automatic gate systems. If you ever experience a power cut on your property, make sure you check for blown fuses. In most cases, power can be returned by putting the blown fuse switch back in place. Otherwise, it’s recommended to contact a professional automatic gate repair service such as A&J Gate Operators.

Defective Remote Control 

Ensure that the remote control of the automatic gate system is in good condition and opens the gate without any problems. This is because the batteries of the remote control start deteriorating with time. So, if it’s not flashing a red light on pressing a button, just replace the batteries and if the problem persists, buy a new remote control. Furthermore, if you face any issue with the LiftMaster gate operator in Houston and surrounding areas, take professional LiftMaster gate operator repair services of A&J Gate Operator today. Call at (281) 206-7269, and you will get the help right away!

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