Discover Four Promising Ways to Maintain Your Wrought Iron Gates

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, gates play a critical role in keeping your property safe. When it comes to installing gates, wrought iron has remained the preferred choice for many home and business owners. They add more sophistication and elegance to your property as well as add an extra layer of security to your property.

Even though wrought iron gates are durable and long-lasting, they still require timely maintenance and repair to ensure they stay in top working condition throughout the year.

Here are four ways to keep your wrought iron gates well maintained.

Remove Invasive Vines

It’s important to keep your wrought iron gates protected from invasive vines and other types of debris. Overlooking the presence of things such as vines, grass, algae, and dirt on your wrought iron fence’s exterior can result in unnecessary and costly gate repairs.

Regular Gate Cleaning

Due to extreme weather conditions, wrought iron gates are prone to rust. The best way to keep your gate rust-free is to clean it on a regular basis. Remember an abrasive chemical cleaner should not be applied as it may remove the gate’s protective coat. Using a mild soap with a soft sponge will help remove the dirt and mold from the gate structure.

Remove the Rust

If not maintained regularly, wrought iron gates are likely to develop rust with time. It’s important to take prompt action as soon as you notice rust spots. Clean your gate thoroughly, let it dry and then remove the rust spots using sandpaper. A fresh coat of rust-stopping primer can also be applied to the affected spots to create a new impermeable barrier.

Always Inspect Your Gate

Although wrought iron gates are sturdy, they still require timely repair and maintenance to ensure that every part of the gate is functioning properly. Luckily professional wrought iron gate repair companies offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services that are designed to meet your specific gate repair needs.

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