Here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Installing Solar Gate Operators

With the increased awareness of energy conservation, more and more appliances are powered by sunlight, and gate operators are no exception. Today, you can find solar-powered gate openers that offer a wide range of benefits.

They play an essential role in making our home safe and convenient in harsh weather conditions. Read on to discover the benefits of using solar-powered gate openers.

What is a Solar Gate Operator?

A solar gate operator is a device that entirely runs on solar energy. It performs the same function as the automatic gates. However, it uses solar panels to generate electricity from the sun rather than using power from the national electricity grid.

The solar-powered gate opener includes four major components.

  • Batteries
  • Solar panel
  • Controller Kit
  • Tube Gate Brackets

Incredible Benefits of Installing Solar Gate Operators 

  • Lower Operational Cost

As the name implies, solar-powered gate opener utilizes solar energy for opening and closing them. Since you don’t require electricity to operate, it helps you keep your utility bill much lower.

  • Improved Comfort and Safety

The operations of traditional gate openers get disrupted during the power outage, attracting the intruders and putting your house safety at risk. It can be more dangerous if you stay in high-crime areas. Thankfully, you can free yourself from all the stress by installing a solar gate operator.

  • Budget-Friendly

People often believe that solar gate openers are expensive. However, this is not true. The cost of installing solar gate openers has significantly reduced over the last few years. In fact, A&J Gate Operator offers quick and convenient solar gate operator repair and installation services at lower prices.

Solar Investment Tax Credit

Many governments encourage the use of solar-powered appliances and offer discounts on installing solar gate operators. However, this may vary depending on the state or country. If your government is offering this benefit, then you should definitely give it a go.

Why Choose A&J Gate Operator Over Others? 

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If you’re looking to make your home more energy-efficient while enhancing your home’s security, contact A&J Gate Operator today!

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