The Maintenance Requirements For Wrought Iron Gates: Tips And Tricks For Keeping Them Looking Like New

Wrought iron gates do more for residential properties than provide a visually beautiful addition to the landscaping. The stylish gates increase the curb appeal of your home, and they provide a level of privacy. Additionally, with the inclusion of wrought iron gates, the resale value of your property can also increase. For commercial businesses utilizing wrought iron gates, whether for rental properties or businesses, gates help prevent unlawful entry onto your property.

To ensure you receive the most benefits from wrought iron gates, you need maintenance upkeep. There are a few things property owners can do on their own to help retain the gate’s functionality, versatility, and durability, which can have a positive impact on your property. This is especially true if your gate is automatic! 

For residential and commercial property owners, it is also important that when a problem arises, a licensed and insured company is contacted to repair, install, or replace any non-functioning or problematic areas. With a professional team onsite, the issue can be corrected, plus, they can check for any potential problems that may arise.

Maintaining Wrought Iron Gates

Over time, wrought iron gates can become damaged. This can be due to several things, such as:

  • Aging of the material.
  • Structural damage.
  • Weather conditions (rain, moisture, and heat).
  • The formation of corrosion and rust.
  • Normal wear and tear of the automated parts and mechanisms.

Any one of these issues can result in damage to the iron gates that is irreversible. To keep gates working properly requires preventative steps to be taken to ensure the integrity of the gates.

As a home or business owner with a wrought iron fence in Pasadena, TX, whether they have recently been installed or been in use for a while, there are several things to do that help maintain the gates and spot potential problems. These include:

  • Have a recurring plan in place for the gates to be checked by a professional team for any potential issues.
  • Between scheduled maintenance checks, look for new signs of wear or rust, for example.
  • Throughout the year, dirt, dust, and grime can build up. Avoid this by wiping down the gates with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Dirt and dust can easily accumulate on gates with intricate designs and details. Using a brush with soft bristles to clean away the grime in between the decorative metalwork helps maintain the material.

Wrought Iron Gate and Fence Installation and Repair

When service is needed for wrought iron fence repair in the Woodlands, TX, our family-owned and operated company has a reputation as a trustworthy company providing quality service. All of our work is guaranteed.

The types of services we offer include gate opener repair, commercial gate repair, and LiftMaster gate repair. Issues we encounter and correct include:

  • Our certified technicians provide repairs to electric slide gate openers, swing gates, and solar gates.
  • Repairs to wiring issues.
  • Repairs to broken keypads.
  • Repairing bent or damaged fencing.
  • Repairing rusted areas.
  • Correcting non-functioning gates (Gates are not opening or closing properly).
  • Fixing a gate that is stuck and preventing entry or exit.
  • Replacing non-functioning parts.

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