Modern technology has made automatic gates available for quick, easy access to your property. Entrance or exit can take place with a simple press of a button or a touch of a key card. However, like other modern technological devices, automatic gates are susceptible to repairs and maintenance after continuous use. A&J Gate Operator can assist with alleviating all mechanical issues with your automatic gate.

Here are several mechanical repairs and maintenance issues that can be fixed by modern technology:

Noise Emitting From The Automatic Gate

Residential electric gates in Houston, TX can emit a humming noise when opening and closing. But if internal mechanical issues occur, the noise will get louder with each attempt to open and close the gate. Often, the gears are grinding against one another and will need immediate repair. It is also possible that a piece of the motor has gotten stuck in the opening or closing process. Or if the automatic gate opens to your lawn, some of the vegetation might have gotten entangled with one of the gears. 

Technology can assist with scheduling internal inspections of the gate’s motor. The findings will offer error codes for irregularities with the automatic gate while in use. All of this information will be helpful for a gate repair contractor. It will limit the need for troubleshooting to locate what is causing the noise. Usually, the motor’s gears need to be repaired or the tracking system is offline. Each malfunction hinders the automatic gate’s ability to open or close. If the cause of the loud noise is not apparent, call a gate repair contractor to diagnose the problem. The tracking system may need to be realigned back into place.

Power Outages

Automatic gates run on electricity. But if a blackout or power failure occurs in the area, the gate’s electrical system may need to be reset for it to work correctly again. Sometimes, power failures cause electrical damage to the gate’s motor. Automatic gate electrical systems offer a phone app that assists in resetting the program. Also, the app can confirm if the automatic gate is receiving enough power to open and close. If you still have issues after attempting to reset the electrical system, call a gate repair contractor to confirm what is causing the problem.

Obstructed Sensors

All sensors need to be in good working condition for the automatic gate to open and close properly. If not, they will not flash red when triggered. Often, the sensors are obstructed, which causes the automatic gate to operate inconsistently. You may have to replace the sensors if the problem persists. The most common obstructions include dirt buildup, cracked or faulty sensors that cause the system to malfunction. It is wise to inspect all of the sensors, so they remain in good working condition.

If it is time to keep your automatic gate operating to last forever, call A&J Gate Operator today. Our gate repair contractors, driveway gate repair in Sugar Land, TX, are certified and provide quality work at a reasonable price. We can assist with all of your automatic gate repair needs.

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