Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Gate

The gate system leading to the entrance to your property serves the important purpose of enhancing your property’s security, and a wrought iron gate also adds a touch of beauty to your landscape. While an automatic gate makes life easier, they can sometimes run into a few problems if you get lax about their care. Following these tips for prolonging your gate system’s life span helps you avoid the headaches that can come from having it seize up or fail to close properly. Plus, you’ll be able to save money on having to have the whole system replaced when you can simply arrange for an easy repair or maintenance service.

Keep The Gate Clean

Many gate system problems are preventable with a basic cleaning. Over time, dirt, dust, and leaves can build up along the system that block the gate from moving properly. If the gate is located near plants, then you may also need to remove vines that grow on the rails and can hinder movement. To clean your gate system, follow the recommended methods for gently scrubbing away debris and clearing the tracks. Keeping the gate clean helps to prevent rusting, and you’ll find that a freshly washed gate boosts the curb appeal for your whole property.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Automatic gates can seize up if the moving parts don’t have adequate lubrication, and the intense friction can lead to a need for gate repair in Houston, TX. You can ask one of our technicians to show you how to lubricate the chain, hinges, wheels, and other essential parts. Or, you can arrange for regular maintenance services to make sure it’s done right. Most electric gates need lubrication every six months, but yours might need it sooner or less often depending upon its exposure to the weather elements and other environmental factors.

Check the Auto-Reverse Function

This important safety feature prevents injuries, and it can also help to prevent damage to your gate if something falls into its path. You can check the auto-reverse function by placing a piece of wood in the way. If the gate fails to go into reverse once it senses the wood, then you can bet that it could also run into your car, large rocks, and other damaging objects. Getting this problem fixed right away can prevent the gate from being damaged due to a malfunctioning sensor.

Plan for Regular Inspections

Visual inspections can often reveal minor problems that are just starting to develop. Ideally, you should inspect your property’s gate at least once a month, and you’ll always want to do an inspection after severe weather or if something hits the gate. During the inspection, you can look for loose screws, along with obvious dents and other signs of damage. If you spot even minor flaws, then it is best to reach out for help with driveway gate repair in Spring, TX, that can correct small problems before they lead to a need for a total gate replacement.

Make Arrangements for Gate Repairs Today

Have you noticed the driveway gate acting differently than normal, or did you spot an obvious sign of a problem? We’re here to help! Just give us a call to arrange for a professional inspection that keeps your home’s gate system operating properly.

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