Four Reasons Why Not DIY Repair Your Automatic Gate Opener

Attempting a DIY repair can be rewarding. However, there are a few items in the home that should be kept away from DIY repair, and an automatic gate system is one of them. No matter whether you own an Apollo gate opener or Liftmaster gate opener, always rely on professionals to get the repair done the first time. Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t DIY repair your automatic gate opener.

  • Lack of Proper Tools

Like every homeowner, you might have a toolbox to help fix minor repairs across your home. However, gate opener systems require specialized tools to repair and maintain. Using the wrong set of tools can result in potential injuries, as well as impact the lifespan of the gate. Damage caused by the wrong tools can cause the gates to fall apart and even result in a replacement.

  • It Can Be Dangerous

Attempting to repair your automatic gate without proper training and tools can be extremely dangerous. Gates are made up of heavy and sturdy material. Even for the strongest person, these gates can be difficult to hold. Fixing them without the right tools involves the risk of injury to a loved one or pet. This is why automatic gate repairs should be left to the pros.

  • Costly Damage

For many homeowners, the sole purpose of attempting to fix their gate is to save money. It’s a no-brainer that repairing your gate with the wrong tools can negatively impact your gate’s lifespan. Instead of fixing the issue, you could end up causing more costly damage. So your willingness to save some money may unknowingly cause more damage to your gate system.

  • Void the Warranty

Attempting a DIY repair on your gate can hamper the warranty of your gate. Many gate opener comes with warranties that offer free replacement of parts and free services to fix the faulty mechanism. Attempting to fix the gate opener on your own can void the warranty and financial protection. If you attempt to repair your gate and something goes wrong, a warranty will not be able to help.

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